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Protect ATEWA Forest

Renew our World 

Call on the Ghanian Government to protect the Atewa Forest

The ancient forest is currently under pressure from Chinese lenders requiring repayment of loans with mined bauxite. If the mining goes ahead then the drinking water of up to five million people living in downstream catchments in and near the capital Accra may be undrinkable. The mining will also lead to significant loss of biodiversity.

Some of the indigenous species at risk from any potential mining include the White-thighed Colobus and White-naped Mangabey monkeys, White-bellied Pangolin, Afia Birago Puddle Frog, the tree Aubregrinia taitensis as well as the Togo slippery frog.

Seth Appiah-Kubi, Country Director of A Rocha Ghana said: “Mining in Atewa would not only prove to be an unsustainable pathway to follow but would lead to the irretrievable loss of a natural treasure of great global significance and increase the vulnerability to poverty for a great many people. There is an unacceptably high risk that mining in Atewa will lead directly to the global extinction of species – God’s good creation – that are found nowhere else on earth.”

“We are also greatly concerned for the thousands of people living in the immediate catchment and the millions downstream who will be exposed to threats to their water supplies, air quality and general living conditions with consequences for their livelihoods.”

Rubbish Campaign


Our world has a rubbish problem and it’s hitting people living in poverty hardest

Since May 2019, tens of thousands of us have been calling on Coca-Cola, Nestlé, PepsiCo and Unilever to take responsibility for their plastic pollution. To beat poverty and injustice we need to tackle waste. 

First Man Standing


Violence against women is not a women’s issue; it’s a human issue. And if violence against women is to end, we need men to help challenge the attitudes and behaviours that perpetuate it – in themselves, and in other men.

That’s why we’ve launched the First Man Standing campaign. We have over 1300 members to date, committed to standing up and speaking out about violence against women – be it in their families, churches or workpla

Renew Our World Campaigns

Renew Our World

Our world is at a crossroads. We can choose whether to move forward, to continue the incredible gains made against poverty, to strive to halt climate change, to break down structures of inequality… or not.

If we take God’s call of transformation and renewal to heart; then we must be compelled not only to choose justice, but to lead the movement toward it.

Renew Our World is a global movement of Christians who believe that since we are truly image bearers of God, we should act like it – living out love for one another in actions and in truth. Since we are image bearers of God, we won’t stand by while our neighbours are trapped in poverty, and we won’t stay idle as creation is left untended, and inequality is left to fester.

Right now, we are campaigning and praying for action on climate change and waste.