Healing Hearts, Transforming Nations - Rwanda

Healing Hearts, Transforming Nations – Rwanda
City TBA  – Rwanda
3 – 19 March 2020
Actual venue TBA


In 1994 Rwanda experienced a horrific genocide; a dark event which has been woven into the identity of the nation. But out of thedarkness, light and hope have emerged.  

First developed by Dr. Rhiannon Lloyd in post-genocide Rwanda, the “Healing Hearts, Transforming Nations” workshop is now being run by local believers in many different parts of the world. Communities suffering from divisions and strife are being healed and made whole again.

During this biblical workshop people of different backgrounds are invited to meet God and each other at a heart level. In a safe environment they are encouraged to experience healing and to develop new perspectives and attitudes. This experience has transformed millions of lives around the world, reconciled communities and empowered churches to become agents of healing and reconciliation in their nations. The International School of Reconciliation is a residential workshop and training to equip Christian leaders to be facilitators of  biblical healing and reconciliation in their home contexts. 

The all-inclusive cost of the school is $700 US ($500 for participants from organizations in the great lakes region and $350 for self-supporting nationals from the great lakes region).

For more information and options to attend only part of the school please contact Rosie Leavers rosie@healingthenations.co.uk 

This training runs from March 3 to March 19, 2020. 


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