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Micah is a Global network with members working at grass roots, impacting communities.


Micah Secretariat coordinate and facilitate global events, shared learning and joint actions.


Micah Regional Coordination Groups are formed by members to enable the creation and facilitation of regional events, transnational shared learning and joint actions


National Micah Expressions are formed when 3 or more members in a country seek to form a national coordination group to implement Micah activities within their context.


Micah hubs are formed in cities and or communities to facilitate integral mission conversations and shared learning in easily accessible platforms.

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Micah Global is a network that encourages members around the globe to work together, sharing resources and networking.

Globally our understanding of the theology and practice Integral Mission is increasingly becoming known. Application contextually is where effort is needed. To enable these critical conversations to take place and creation of platforms of shared learning as well as united advocacy initiatives, Micah members sought to have an expression of the Micah Global strategy adapted to their specific national contexts. Micah National Expressions were born.

Alongside this the Micah Challenge Campaign evolve National Micah Campaigns. In 2015 the Micah Network National Expressions and the Micah Challenge National Campaigns agreed to all merge into the formation of the new Micah Global. Each National Micah has evolved from this merger and are associated with the Micah Global Secretariat through a Covenant relationship.

A National Expression is formed when three or more Micah members agree to come together to form it. The first stage is usually to gather members and interested non embers around topics of concern, to share and learn together., We call these gatherings “Integral Mission Conversations”. Initially a member organisation and or one person takes lead – we call this person the National Focal Person (FP). As the network grows and members form a coordination committee, they appoint a national coordinator. This may be a paid or voluntary role. National Micah Expressions are associate members of Micah Global, linked by a shared covenant.

A conversation is an informal gathering of Christians from organisations (aid agencies, mission organisations, local congregations, colleges, networks, alliances, denominational secretariats, movements, business and individuals) who meet to exchange thoughts, theological reflections, opinions, feelings, testimonies, good practices and teaching around a specific topic / theme. It creates the opportunity to discuss developments and thinking and explore together the theological perspectives, the good practice and the learning so as to challenge and support one another in our desire to relevant and fruitful.

A central question that anchors the conversation is “what does integral mission look like operationally at grass root, national and global level” as we address specific issues.

Integral mission conversations are convened to create the opportunity for Christians to explore integral mission in their various contexts and to learn how they can individually and cooperate embrace and practice this approach.

All National Micah Expressions are currently following an agreed strategic framework that includes:

  • Integral Mission Initiative: promoting and equipping theology and practice of integral mission
  • God’s Liberating Agenda: working together towards the Sustainability Goals towards communities living life in all its fullness
  • Peace and Reconciliation Initiative: enabling conflict resolution, restoration of healthy relationships, healing of wounds and reconciled communities.
  • Advocacy Initiatives: working with members to advocate for transformation in key areas including:
    1. Renew Our World: addressing clean energy, reduced carbon emissions, sustainable agriculture, waste management and climate change
    2. Gender Based Violence: encouraging a united effort to address violence with First Man Standing Campaign / Restored Relationships
    3. Children at Risk and Children on the Move: advocating for child safety and wellbeing
    4. Urban Shalom Initiative: working towards healthier communities in cities.

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