A Triage Model of Emergency Aid for a Warming World

By Russell McKane
28 March 2011

With the advent of multiple natural and human disasters bought on by climate change, agencies delivering disaster relief and aid need to develop a different model of operating. Multiple disasters and emergencies occurring simultaneously over the Majority world and Minority world will dry up resources (Food, equipment and finances) leaving NGOs the difficult task of allocation of limited aid. In an effort to prepare ahead for a more effective response it is proposed that a triage system be developed. This would be based on similar principles as applied in a multiple accident scene.

A triage system would mean not treating some patents (not responding to a region or country in crisis), providing sustenance support for others, and focusing on those able to be helped. This would require developing a set of rules that all providers agree to before the hard choices need to be made. It would also mean the need for rules of disengagement should the situation on the ground be shown to break the engagement conditions.

As an important component of the Model each individual country needs to develop the ability to manage crisis internally and NGO’s need to develop individual country branches able to operate independently. This should include the development of stores and supplies ahead of any event.