Case Study - HIV/AIDS Christian Response in Zambia

By Leah Mutala
September 2002

The Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia Response to the HIV epidemic through it’s wing of the women department/PACWA (Pan African Christian Women Alliance) arose out of the challenge church women were experiencing in their ministry within the church and community. The challenge was the escalating number of orphans in the community most of whom were without care or support of any kind. It was discovered that there were more paternal orphans and usually nursing a chronically sick parent in the home and often a mother. It was very obvious that we (group of member churches – PACWA groups) were faced with two crises at hand, the HIV epidemic and it’s impact of orphanhood. The challenge was the escalating number of widows and orphans needing food for survival, education, above all love, protection, understanding and emotional support.

The church is the only institution endowed with spiritual resources to address the needs of the human heart facing terminal illness or an orphaned child trying to understand whether there is a God out there!