Christian Wholistic Development


This booklet has been written and produced as a result of two things.

Firstly, it has come out of the work that CRUDAN has done in promoting Christian Wholistic Development over the past decade. Secondly it has come out of CRUDAN’s observations of the need for more and more of the church to see the mandate of God to be involved in their communities and in society and to consider some of the methodologies that are biblical, practical and proven. CRUDAN observed this need at their outset in 1990, but despite a lot of work, the same need is still as glaring.

All of what is written here is as a result of both research and practical experience. It is based as far as possible on the Bible and seeks to bring a different perspective to development, a thoroughly Christian and biblical perspective. Many Christians are afraid to get involved in development work because they are not sure if it is a Christian activity and they do not want to ‘compromise’ their faith. Even when people are involved it is often seen as a second priority. Here, we argue that it is a very Christian activity, and outline why that is so, suggest what is involved and how to become involved.

Our heart’s desire as CRUDAN is for the church to believe that Christian wholistic development is an imperative for them to be part of and to start to make an impact in the lives of the people, especially the poor, in their communities. CRUDAN offers its services of awareness raising, training and supporting (counselling) to any church that wants to take up this biblical mandate and make a difference in people’s lives for the glory of God.

Christian wholistic development is a broad concept, demonstrated by Robert Moffitt’s definition. He defines it as “every biblically based activity of the body of Christ, his church, that assists in bringing human beings towards the place of complete reconciliation with God and complete reconciliation with their fellows and their environment.” If you are interested in how we as Christians should relate to either God, others or the environment, then this book is for you!