Climate Action is our Mandate

by The Eficor Team, India


Things have changed. It has become much hotter. We no longer know when it will rain. The streams have dried up. The forests have been replaced by roads and instead of trees there are concrete jungles.

These are just some of the things that we hear when we conduct workshops on Creation Care and ask people to think about the changes in their local environment.

Not once have I heard anyone say that things have changed for the better. The changes are real and the changes are devastating. However, it is also true that for many of us things like Climate Change are (for now) just an inconvenience’. If it gets too hot, we will just place more air-conditioners in our homes and offices and run them as long as we need to. If it gets too cold, we will find ways of heating our homes better. And many will travel in air-conditioned cars protecting us from the extreme weather and pollution.

And while some can ‘shield’ ourselves from the impact, Climate Change is making life harder for many around the world. Extreme weather events like floods – occurring ever more frequently – have led to huge losses for farmers. Unpredictable monsoons that either come too early or too late have consistently affected production. An inconvenience for some of us is a death sentence for many – especially the poor.

Whatever the debates around Climate Change, however much our apathy to face it – should we not address this issue simply because the Bible talks about stewardship of creation and simply because the impact of Climate Change is affecting the poor the most? How about we – as stewards of God’s creation – inform, engage and challenge one another to stir to action and realise that Climate Change does matter – to us and to God.