First Man Standing - Men and Sexual Violence

By Peter Grant
18 July 2014

Peter Grant is the co-director of Restored, an international Christian alliance working with churches to transform relationships and end violence against women. Peter founded “First Man Standing,” Restored’s men’s campaign. 

Worldwide, one woman out of every three will suffer male violence during her lifetime. I do not minimize the issue of violence against men, but I believe that there are specific issues that need to be addressed, including in the church, about the systematic abuse of women. Violence against women takes place from cradle to grave: sex-selective abortion through female infanticide, female genital cutting, forced marriage, domestic abuse and sexual violence, and the abuse of widows. It is right that women should be at the forefront of addressing this epidemic. But I also found myself asking, Where are the men (and where is the church) when it comes to preventing abuse against women?