IntegralMissionRefoundingOurCalling on the Biblical Jesus Christ, Lord of the Sabbath

by Christopher Fung

“Integral mission is the church speaking of and living out its faith in Jesus Christ in an undivided way in every aspect of life.”1 Before this sweeping statement can be effected, the nature and works of Jesus Christ must be known. Though this suggestion would smack of an affront to many theologians since knowing Jesus Christ must have been their very first step to becoming  Christian, just such a challenge was issued by Bishop James Jones of Liverpool in the last Micah Triennial Consultation when he pointed out a gapping hole in our theology of Creation: where does the biblical Jesus come into our creation care teaching after we have quoted from Genesis, Romans and Colossians2? Though his target was specifically creation care, the general tenor of his point applies to whole concept of integral mission. Bishop Jones’ answer was in the

Son of Man’s relationship with the earth. Agreeing with him up to the Son of Man point, I take departure from him in understanding the very reason for Jesus Christ’s life, death and resurrection. I will start with a fundamental Bible narrative.