Moving from vision to practice: making Fullness of Life practical

Mark Galpin, United Mission to Nepal, 2015

This paper examines the experience of the United Mission to Nepal (UMN) moving from the concept of ‘fullness of life’ being simply a lofty statement of intent with little connection to the work on the ground, to the point where it is
practically embedded in the organization’s thinking and is a major driver for its work as a whole. The paper briefly explores the context that UMN works in and how this influenced this journey, the process undertaken in developing practical models for poverty and fullness of life, and then also describes the models themselves. The paper then examines how these models have been used within the organization, and the way in which they impact on its work. The paper ends by drawing out lessons learned from this process and making recommendations for other organizations interested in ensuring that their work on the ground better connects to the biblical concepts of fullness of life and/or shalom, enshrined in their vision and mission statements.