M.Phatics Guidelines

M.Phatics guidelines

Introduction to Kushamiri

Working and being in environments that are steeped in entrenched poverty, relentless inequality, greed and injustice, can leave us wondering what ‘success’ or lasting change looks like. How do we keep changing and bringing change? How do we keep moving forward as a collective, seeing God’s kingdom “come on earth as it is in heaven?” How do we keep hope alive? What does it mean to ‘flourish’ from God’s perspective?

What flourishing looks like in each of our contexts and communities may be quite different, so we can learn from and enrich each other through this process of contributing to the Kushamiri Community at the Micah Global Consultation 2021.

M.Phatics are talks to inspire, challenge and change us. They give everyone an opportunity to share what is on their heart?

Do you have an idea or a call to action that you want to share? Do you want to
challenge the Micah community with something you are passionate about? Have you a story to tell that speaks to the theme of flourishing in hard places? An injustice you would like to shed light on that hinders flourishing of all? Do you know a story of change, a testimony to learning something, history of an organisation and why it started, and more?

Find out more about how in the M.Phatics Guidelines. 

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God’s Eternal Purpose and Integral Mission

God’s Eternal Purpose and Integral Mission

An Expository Message on Ephesians 1-3
Teresa J. Sanchez, Mindanao State University, Fatima, Gen. Santos City, Philippines

Ephesians Chapter 1 explains how Christians have been blessed with every spiritual blessing in Christ to bring all things under the rule of Christ, for the praise of his glory. The Integral Mission Wheel Illustration shows the kind of life that a Christian must live to magnify the rule of Christ as King and to glorify his name. Chapter 2 emphasizes God’s eternal purpose for believers: He saved us by his grace and gave us a position of authority that through our lives, he might show the incomparable riches of his grace as we do the good works which he has prepared in advance for us to do. Chapter 3 focuses on the mystery of the Gospel which we must proclaim. Paul’s prayer was that Christians will be immersed in God’s love so that they will be able to do more than they could ever ask or imagine in God’s power.