Micah Global has a community of translators who offer their services in Russian, Spanish, Portuguese and French. This makes it possible for our mailings and other resources to be more accessible to our members worldwide. 

Emilio Martinez

Tatiana de Baptista Raineri

Vladimir & Vira Shevchenko

Gabriel Lopes

Prisca Wiles

Emilio has been translating documents for Micah since 2012; that year and in 2015, Emilio helped Micah as an English/Spanish interpreter at their Global Consultations. He is thankful to God for using Micah to teach him what Integral Mission is. Originally from Argentina, he has served and lived in England, Scotland and Ukraine. He is married to Rachael and they currently live in the US. He works as a Spanish Production Editor in a translation company. He likes traveling, getting to know new people and discovering new music. Fun fact: he has travelled to 53 countries and he would like to meet at least one person from every country in the world.


Emilio ha estado traduciendo documentos para Miqueas desde el 2012; ese año y en el 2015, Emilio ayudó en Miqueas como intérprete de inglés / español en sus Consultas Globales. Está agradecido con Dios por usar a Miqueas para enseñarle qué es la Misión Integral. Originario de Argentina, ha servido y vivido en Inglaterra, Escocia y Ucrania. Está casado con Rachael y actualmente viven en los Estados Unidos. Trabaja como editor de producción en español en una empresa de traducción. Le gusta viajar, conocer gente nueva y descubrir nueva música. Dato curioso: ha viajado a 53 países y le gustaría conocer al menos a una persona de cada país del mundo.

Tatiana de Baptista Raineri has been volunteering with Micah Global for 15 years and has been a professional translator and Interpreter for over 25 years. With Micah, not only she practices translation skills, but most importantly uses her God-given gifts to help with advocacy, justice, peace, and the expansion of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ in Portuguese-speaking countries. Originally from Brazil, but has been living in Canada for the past 22 years with her husband and two children. They attend the Peace Mennonite Church as a family. 20 years ago , she invited Christ into her heart.

Vira earned her degree in music, studied English at the International Baptist Lay Academy, Hungary, and worked as a writer, translator, journalist and editor. Vira is also a published author of six songbooks, three music manuals and 10 books for children and their parents, including the Bedtime Tales series that was acknowledged the Christian Book of the Year in 2011 and 2012 in Ukraine.  Vladimir as a professional linguist and a teacher of English and French worked as an interpreter, translator and editor for 15 years – at St. Petersburg Christian University, Russia, and Christian Camping International in Russia and Ukraine. For the past 14 years Vladimir has been in charge of Christian Camping International in Ukraine.

Gabriel Lopes is a freelance translator and web developer based in São Paulo, Brazil. He is interested in all things Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship, Nonprofits and Social Work.

Nothing was preparing me for the task of translator. Being more a scientist than a linguist, I was first, and for 36 years, a maths teacher. But God had also other plans. First, he made me meet Andrew, who became my husband 48 years ago. That was the first step, as my in-laws where not French-speakers and I had to begin by dusting off all I had studied at school and actually speak English. Then he entrusted me with six beautiful children, it meant organizing and learning to adapt constantly to new things. During that time, I had already been helping my husband with translations of books and articles and when I retired from my teaching position in 2006, I started doing more. I began with Micah, translating the documents for the Global Consultation in Thailand, and never stopped! These translations opened the door to translating for Tearfund UK, GNDR and lately the Lausanne Movement. I love serving my French speaking brothers and sisters around the world.

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